KM Custom Pack is an innovative contract packaging company which manufactures and packages a wide array of products for a variety of companies. KM’s successful record of consistently manufacturing and packaging products to the highest industry standards is testimony to its focus on Quality Assurance at all times.

Why choose a contract packager?

Our technological expertise and investment in state of the art packaging equipment allows you to concentrate on your business and products. When you choose KM Custom Pack, there is no machinery to buy, no warehouse space to lease and no employees to hire and train. Whether you have a start up business and require a small run of finished product or a large corporation looking to cost effectively outsource your packaging needs, KM Custom Pack can assist you.

How are my products and ideas protected?

KM Custom Pack acts like an extension of your company. We treat your products as if they were our own. We have secure storage areas for your raw materials and finished products and you can rest assured we will always keep your company and product information confidential.

What services does KM Custom Pack offer?

KM offers a full range of services that do not stop on the production floor. We have highly trained employees that can handle complex hand assembly jobs, or we can utilize our high speed automated packaging equipment for large production runs. Contact Us to find out what KM can offer you.

Can you help me with purchasing my raw materials?

We buy large quantities of raw materials for many of our clients; therefore, by partnering with KM you have the ability to enjoy the cost discounts we have negotiated with our vendors for raw materials, consolidate the number of vendors you have to work with and enjoy a one stop shop for all of your packaging requirements.

What else can you expect from KM Custom Pack?

KM wants to earn your business. Once we do, we are confident you will find little reason to look for another packaging solution either in-house or outsourced. Our state of the art software system allows you to track your inventory from raw materials to finished goods. Our shipment logs will let you know when we received your raw materials and when your finished products were delivered to your customers loading dock. KM can help you find or develop the right packaging solution for your products. Our in-house marketing department can assist you with your package design and graphic art work. KM is a one stop shop! Contact us now for more information.

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